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Chain node AMACoinMarketCap interim CEO reveals the secret behind Binance's acquisition of CMC

On the evening of April 2, the crypto exchange Binance officially announced the acquisition of the cryptocurrency market data website CoinMarketCap (CMC). Subsequently, BrandMarket Chez, founder of CoinMarketCap, also published a blog post on the CMC official website today, announcing that he will step down as CEO, and that the current chief strategy officer Carylyne […]

BTC short-term breakthrough of $ 6900

According to the QKL123 market, BTC short-term broke through 6900 US dollars, and is now reported at 6908.31 US dollars, a 24-hour increase of 0.78%.

Ant Blockchain Open Alliance Chain holds the first batch of online contracts

On April 16, the Ant Blockchain held the "Ant Blockchain Open Alliance Chain Conference". In order to improve the development ecology of the blockchain and make the blockchain simpler, Powerma Technology, Chengdu Chain Security Technology, Pure White Matrix, Changsha Sensida Information Technology Co., Ltd. and the Ant Blockchain Open Alliance Chain held a signing ceremony […]

Publication of the Central Bank Office: Promoting the R & D of China's Legal Digital Currency

The research team of the Central Bank Office published the article "Building a Modern Central Bank System" in the 8th issue of "China Finance" in 2020. The article mentioned that the establishment of a standardized development system for financial technology, standardized development of financial technology, the use of big data and artificial intelligence to promote […]

Suspected outflow of internal test App pattern from Bank of China DCEP wallet

Following the suspected pattern outflow of the internal testing App of the Agricultural Bank of China and ICBC Central Bank Digital Currency (DCEP) wallets, today it is suspected that the pattern of the Bank of China DCEP wallet is outflowing in the community.

Canadian crypto company Blockchain Security Zaftr and CipherTrace reach cooperation to enhance compliance

According to Finance Magnates, Canadian encryption company Zaftr has partnered with blockchain security analysis company CipherTrace to strengthen platform compliance.

A-share blockchain sector market overall rose 2.68%

The A-share market closed on April 16, and the overall blockchain sector rose 2.68%. Of the 225 concept stocks, 180 rose and 40 fell. The net inflow of funds was 5.675 billion and the turnover was 63.808 billion. The top three gainers were Golden Crown (+ 10.09%), Zhongying Internet (+ 10.05%) and Guangdian Express (+ […]

Live broadcast | Pure white matrix Wu Xiao: 2020 is the most likely start for the blockchain industry to make money

On April 16, the Ant Blockchain held the "Ant Blockchain Open Alliance Chain Conference". Wu Xiao, the founder of Pure White Matrix, said in a live broadcast that since October 24 last year, the public's awareness of blockchain has continuously improved, and blockchain has great opportunities in data governance, information transfer, data traceability and other […]

The central bank's digital currency application will land in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou

Today there is news that the first application scenario of central bank digital currency will be implemented in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou. In this regard, a government official in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou said that the news is true, and the central bank's digital currency application has indeed landed. It has received documents before, and the Financial […]

Live | Ant Blockchain "Open Alliance Chain" officially released today

At 14:00 on April 16th, the Ant Blockchain "Open Alliance Chain" was released for small and medium-sized enterprises and developers, helping all people enter the chain. Jin Ge, general manager of the Ant Blockchain Platform Product Department, pointed out at the meeting that the open alliance chain provides five advantages. At the business level, the […]